Maintechnicalparameters:TYPERatedvoltage kV RatedcurrentA4SHeatsteadye.c.AShockvoltageAImplusewithstandvoltagePower-frequencywithstandvoltage   ToearthkVAcrosstheisolatingdistancekVTo earth kVAcrossth

Product Introduction:

The GW Series of outdoor high voltage isolate switch is a Single-phase AC frequency 50 Hz high voltage switch equipment. The product is suitable for power system with rated voltage 10kV. It can connect or break the power system under the circumstances of with voltage and nomload. The switch is operated by using insulating rod.


Main technical parameters:

TYPE Rated voltage  kV  Rated current A 4S Heat steady e.c.A Shock voltage A Impluse withstand voltage Power-frequency withstand voltage
      To earth kV Across the isolating distance kV To earth  kV Across the isolating distance kV
RH-B 11 400 12500 31500 75 95 38 42
RH-B 33 600 12500 31500 170 195 70 80


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