GW1-12D series outdoor high voltage isolate switch

GW1-12D series outdoor high voltage isolate switch


Product Introduction:

GW1-12D series outdoor high voltage isolate switch is the high voltage switch equipment of composite structure is suitable for outdoor 12kV line net with voltage and no load, to make opening and close, with CS type manpoewer operate machinary, can avoid earth life with power and composite flash-locks etc wrong operate, the operator is no need to put anther earth line. Pollution proof type isolate switch satisfy customer in filthy conductio area. It can solve the pollution of shed when it is work.


Main technical parameters:

The altitude above sea level:2000m
The ambient air temperatures:+40~-30ºC
Wind speed does:not exceed 35m/s
The earthquake intensity does not 8 degrees
Ice coating thickness:not more than 10mm
Installation place:Exclude flammable and explosive
objects,Chemical corrosion and drastic vibration
Pollution grade of post insulator:Common type is 0 grade.
Antipollution type:II


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