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Long Term Cooperation and Deep Friendship between BONLE and Sudan

Long Term Cooperation and Deep Friendship between BONLE and Sudan

2018/01/09 14:56
Recently, our long-term partners who come from Sudan came to our company and Signed purchase contract again. Our company has always attached importance to the development of the Sudan market, and establish long-term cooperative relations and good reputation with the Sudan customers.
Our company has been selling a full range of electrical fittings in Sudan market for many years, including insulators, power fittings (spindles, cross arms, strain clamps), fuse cut outs, arrestors , conductors and so on. Each variety in Sudan market occupy share is increasing. It is  not only due to good quality, but also excellent service. We strive to provide the best quality products and the most efficient service to our customers,and convince that it is the survival of the enterprise. This customer orders products, including insulators and fittings, are long-term customer stock products.
      Thanks for our customers' recognition of our products and services.We will strive for excellence,and continue to provide thebest quality products and services to Sudan.