Pole Mounted Fuse Switch Disconnector for NH fuses

Pole Mounted Fuse Switch Disconnector for NH fuses
Seccionador Unipolar NH hasta 630 A de Baja Tensión
General Description
Our fuse switch it is used either as an operation or protection device for LV lines. It is designed to be used with NH 1-2 or 3 size fuses offering a maximum of 630 Amps of line protection without blades. In case blades are used , the maximum switching load would be 800 Amps. It is manufactured in reinforced fiberglass polyamide and fulfills all the necessary requirements for outdoor installation and operation. The connection is made with connectors suitable for aluminum and copper conductors with a section range between 16 and 95 mm2 (5-410 AWG). The closure of the cap allows the switch to be closed with or without a fuse, preventing the risk of leaving tension parts exposed. It may also be provided with a light emission diode (LED).


Different Mounted Bracket For Choice:


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