Porcelain Drop-out Fuse Cutout with Arc Shut

Porcelain Drop-out Fuse Cutout with Arc Shut


Product Introduction:

Drop-out fuse cutout and load switching fuse cutout are outdoor high voltage protective device.

To be connect incoming feeder of distribution transformer or distribution lines ,it mainly protects transformer or lines from short circuit and overload,and on/off loading current,Drop-out fuse cutout is composed of insulator supports and fuse tube,static contacts is fixed on two sides of insulator support and moving contact is installed on two ends of fuse tube is composed of inside arc extinguishing tube,outer phenolic compound paper tube or epoxy glass tube load switching fuse cutout provides enforced plastic auxiliary contacts and arc extinguishing enclosure for switching on/off loading current.


Main technical parameters:

TYPE Rated voltage(KV) Rated current(A) Breaking current(A) Impulse voltage(BIL) Power frequency withstand voltage(KV) Leakage distance(MM) Weight(KG) Dimensions(CM)
FCO-8 15 100 10000 110 40 230 7.5 49X35X11.5
FCO-8 15 200 12000 110 40 230 7.5
FCO-11 36 100 6000 170 70 850 17.5 72.5X44.5X18
FCO-11 36 200 8000 170 70 850 17.5



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